07 January 2010

detox, not botox

So I'm doing this four-day detox, right?

I originally wasn't going to mention it at La Blog Proper but when this gal subsists on two liquid meals (smoothie in the morning, soup at night) and a light lunch and snacks... no dairy, no wheat, no sugars, no caffeine, etc. I think the readers should know. I'm blogging about it over here for the next few days so feel free to join in on either the plan or the discussion. I'll post summaries here too but with fewer boring and/or graphic details.

And also,
1. It's not some freaky Master Cleanse or cult initiation ritual wherein I consume only kale juice and jalapeno peppers.
2. I still eat lots of nutrient-dense foods.
3. Smoothie for breakfast, solid lunch & soup for dinner. Snacks as needed!
4. No starvation, duh.
5. Short & temporary! It's just a short break from all the junk before resuming a normal healthy eating plan.
6. For me, it's more of a guideline than a set of steadfast rules. Like last night I miscalculated the cooking time of a bean soup by about 3 1/2 hours and ended up just having canned soup. C'est la vie.

For more lively posts about the wonderful world of detox and overzealous new year's resolutions, follow along here.

(Photo: Today's lunch, almond-crusted chicken breast with spinach.)

1 comment:

  1. woah. you have serious dicipline. i'm totally following along as i drink my 1st of my usual 2 cups of coffee....

    keep up the good work. ;)


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