11 January 2010

djembe drum bag

How have I forgotten to post this little Christmas present project?

Well here it is, a djembe drum bag with shoulder straps & a drawstring! No forthcoming tutorial (unless you bribe me) because it was a custom job that mainly involved wrapping up the above drum in fabric until I found a fit that worked and then pinning and re-pinning the shoulder straps on until I felt comfortable that they would fit a broader set of shoulders than my own. Made with sturdy cotton canvas and given with a lifetime warranty :) Seeing as I've never made a drum bag before I didn't even have an image in mind or ideas for useful features, but was told that shoulder straps were a must. So part of the lifetime warranty includes an open call for design suggestions and edits to make it more user-friendly and pleasing to the drummer!


  1. Thank you so much for the drumming bag. It is totally unique and totally cool! It looks great and is very comfortable to wear. The other drummers at Kripalu will be sooo jealous!

  2. So glad you like it! The lifetime warranty still stands, so if you need any adjustments or additions to it, let me know :)

  3. It's a fabulous bag and I bet there are lots of other drummers in need of a great way to carry their drums....will recommend you! Maybe I'll order a smaller bag for my drum. :)


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