09 January 2010

detox finale

Last day of the detox! Whoop whoop.

a) It's been easier than I thought it would be.
b) Was hoping for some sort of detox enlightenment aha! moment, never quite happened.
c) Thought a lot about the fine line between pushing yourself to do something and being forgiving when you fall short.
d) Eager to start eating bread & cheese & eggs again :) Oh and cookies.

Day 1 Menu:
breakfast... storebought mango smoothie
mid-morning snack... handful of grapes
lunch... quinoa salad with toasted almonds
afternoon snack... handful of almonds
dinner... southwestern style soup from a can

Day 2 Menu:
breakfast... energy smoothie (peaches, almond milk, almond butter & cardamom)
mid-morning snack... none!
lunch... almond crusted chicken with spinach
afternoon snack... fruit cup
dinner... ten bean soup
after dinner "snack"... v8 fusion juice

Day 3 Menu:
breakfast... energy smoothie, reprise
mid-morning snack... handful of grapes
lunch... vegetable curry with brown rice
afternoon snack... fruit cup
dinner... homemade veggie & chicken quesadilla (oops!)

Day 4 Menu:
breakfast... berry smoothie concoction (frozen berries, almond milk, almond butter & a squeeze of agave syrup)
mid-morning snack... a little bit more smoothie
lunch... brown rice with herbs & a spash balsamic vinegar (rapidly running out of veggies here)
afternoon snack... green tea (psh, that ain't no snack)
dinner... something, potentially something not-so-detox-approved...

(Photo: Berry Smoothie Concoction)

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