26 January 2010

no, we're not related

Please tell me that this doesn't remind you of a Neck Cozy... please?!?

It doesn't right? They are totally different.

Not even close at all. Right? Help!


  1. 1. at first I thought the 'necky' was like a tube top for your neck but turns out it's more like an old school dickie
    2. if it WERE a tube top for your neck that is decidedly a grosser concept than a neck cozy
    3. since it is basically a dickie, who wants to admit they're wearing one
    4. the neck cozy is a scarf in which you don't have to fight with to keep around your neck. we all remember those huge knots our mom tied our scarfs in...just saying.

  2. That is like comparing a snuggie to a fur coat. Yours is far more impressive

  3. I would certainly choose a grossy over a dickie.


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