06 January 2010


there were craft shows
sunday soups
lots of vegetables
a tea party
summer vacation
a few more thank-you notes & thinking-of-you notes
peace agreement with running (369 miles, if you're counting)
just a tiny handful of hikes & snowshoe adventures
& much more...

and for 2010:

Just an excerpt from my new year's resolutions, there are many more that I'm keeping quieter. I like taking the time to set some goals, lay out a few reminders and motivate myself to bust out of routine. It doesn't have to happen in January, but I like it. I also really love making lists, so this fits right in.

And yah, there are some repeat resolutions from last year and I imagine there will be many repeats in the years to come. That's how it goes.

Any resolutions or reminders you've made for 2010?


  1. to eat at LEAST one meatless meal per day. and only buy lunch once per week.

  2. Ooh, I have lots, but my favorites are 1) Keep the house tidy, and; 2) Hire a housekeeper. Happy 2010!

  3. Write down all of the things you'd like to do, identify where and how you'd like to live, then write a 5 year plan that spells out how you plan to get there. Make sure your plan has many small steps. It makes the getting there much more feasable and it won't overwhelm you.
    Begin today!

  4. For starters, I intend to continue making steady progress towards a greener lifestyle, living more consciously, restarting my yoga practice and may I borrow one from you? Being more daring! And yeah, there will be some repeat resolutions here too. :)

  5. Good ones! Keep me updated everyone :)


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