05 February 2010

bagel love

So it's not exactly a divine intervention but that, my friends, is a heart-shaped bagel. How fun & corny & Valentine's Day-appropriate. Will keep you posted if the Virgin Mary or Conan O'Brien appear on my english muffin.


  1. Heyooo. Just stoppin' in to say that I adore your blog. Hope to see you soon! (PS I'm not coming home for the 4-miler in Troy and more. My training's been slow-going and I won't have run more than 3 miles by the race. That and logistically things got a bit hairy. Are you still marathon-training?)

  2. Yo! You're the best. The doc & I are doing the 2-person relay for the VT City Marathon in May. I hate running outside in the winter and figured that cold-weather training for 13.1 miles was all I could handle!


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