26 February 2010

cardigan update

I need to update my cardigans. I'm a cardigan sort of gal, and I have about four of them that are in need of a little somethin'. I have three more that are good to go. Two more long ones that I also like to dress Fiona in from time to time. Oh and one cute cropped frilly cardigan. Like I said, I love the cardigans. I even used to have a cardigan that was made to look like a blazer so I could get away with it in business meetings.

But these old ones are... losing their mojo. I already put elbow patches on one. Last night I tackled another. I made these tiny covered buttons using some stash fabric (remind me to post about the kimono-style bathrobe that I made about 1.5 years ago and NEVER photographed despite the robe being the single most useful and used creation I've ever sewn) and sewed 'em on.

These ought to inject at least a few more months of life into 'er.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the buttons. Of course you knew I would, but still this is even more gorgeous than I could have pictured. How can I buy a set of buttons for my worn out cardigan(s)? Love this!

  2. HA I was just about to post, "Mom's going to love the new buttons" and she beat me to it! Very cool and easy way to spruce up the ol' wardrobe.

  3. Haha, right? I knew you guys would love it, Mom actually suggested the idea.

  4. Love the updated cardigan! Just a few days ago I had a conversation at work about how practical and comfy cardigans are.
    Back in day, “the boy” had a cardigan collection. He was also a fan of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood for many years. I wonder if there was a connection?

  5. What a cute idea. I am so tired of my sweaters this winter that I am thinking of getting rid of some of them...maybe I just need to change the buttons! ♥


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