12 February 2010

for my own noggin'

This is NOT a shop update.

I finally made a hat for myself! I should say, I finally made like 7-8 hats for myself. I kept making this hat and rippin' it out, looking for the perfect amount of floppiness. Not beret-floppy or graduation hat floppy, but just a little slouch. By the time I finished this version, I was so tired of looking at that ball of yarn that I think I would have kept it even if it didn't have la perfect slouch.

But fortunately, it did.

Makeshifted the pattern, using a very excessive increase at the crown... to encourage slouch, you know. Then brought it back in to normal hat proportions and finished the brim with a subtle ribbing pattern. So subtle, apparently, that you can't see it in these photos at all.

1 comment:

  1. It was worth all the time you spent on perfecting the pattern - this hat is really darling! It fits you so beautifully. Well done. :)


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