01 February 2010

on accepting the ascot

The other day I caught a reflection in the mirror though to myself, "Who is that handsome gent in the ascot?"

It was me.

That being said, and with our prior conversation about dickies & neckies in mind, I do believe I'm going to start wearing ascots

.(Update: I've been informed by Wikipedia that the fashionable accessory I am sporting along with the incomparable Billy Nighy is a "day cravat" version of the ascot. Not to be confused with the formal-wear version.)


  1. ascots make me think of the black and white scene in my fair lady. cravats make me think of austin powers.

  2. if i had to choose, i'd say i'm going for the austin powers look.

  3. You can totally pull it off, Christine!

  4. I totally came to the comment page to make an Austin Powers reference.
    I think the choice has been made.


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