22 February 2010

sweatpants, or are they pantaloons?

I had some bright blue fleece-y material laying around and a few episodes left on Season 1, Disc 1 of West Wing so this happened. I made sweatpants/golf knickers/pantaloons.

I used the "Pajamas for Everyone" pattern from Weekend Sewing, modifying the length and adding elastic at the bottom hems. I've been seeing this capri sort of style around recently and thought it was pretty cool, but now I'm not totally sure. I think I still like them. I definitely love the pattern I used, the fit is perfect and it was super super easy. The sort of sweatpants you can whip up before lunch.

Pattern review: Weekend Sewing is one of those books where all of the patterns are printed on just two sheets of paper, so you need a roll of tracing paper to copy the correct pattern and size. Just account for that time, because it can be kind of a bummer when you want to get started on a project right away but you need an extra 15 minutes or so to trace out the pattern pieces. Other than that, it was great. Clear directions, simple sewing, good fit. It called for a woven cotton, but I lived dangerously and used a thick knit. And even though I suck a little at knits, and I don't have a serger, it went totally fine as long as I used ballpoint needles and the awesome stretch stitch settings on my machine. Which are so sweet, I may have to dedicate a separate post to them.

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  1. those are sweet. i would definitely keep those in the "like" category. nice legs, btw!


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