16 March 2010

count me in

Who is else super pumped for the Census? Being somewhat of a data person, I was really looking forward to participating in Census 2010... democracy! be counted! liberty! one if by land, two if by sea! citizenship! flags! elvis! fourth of july! etc.

I sat down with a few black pens, cup of tea and my reading glasses, ready for an exhilarating evening. Then 45 seconds later, it was over. I mean, the questionnaire was completed and the envelope sealed and it was totally over. That's what you call a classic nerd let-down, my friends.


  1. The census can be a bit of a bother for some people. In the early 1990's I got calls from them for a couple of years.

  2. I had the exact same reaction! Geared myself up and then it was done. Oh well...I guess that's better than a complicated government form.

  3. I have thankfully already prepared for the Census form letdown after seeing Colbert literally fill it out on his show. I was going to make an evening out of the event, but I guess I could do it while my dinner's in the microwave.


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