27 April 2010

bridal shower part I: paperie

My big sis is getting married soon(!), and we just hosted her bridal shower this past weekend. I made-believe that I was an aspiring stationery designer and put these little diddies together.

I did all of the printing on the bad-ass all-in-one printer that I got for my birthday. The invitations were printed on postcard paper and dropped in the mail with very unseasonable polar bear stamps (come on, the USPS doesn't make any flower stamps?).

The fill-in-the-blank notes were borrowed from from Mika78 (found via 100 Layer Cake) and redesigned a smidge to fit in. Those were printed two-a-page on woven linen paper and placed at every table setting.

I printed the favor tags on card stock and the honey jar labels on... well, labels. Obvi. But more about that in tomorrow's post..


  1. It was all so adorable and absolutely perfect. Everyone raved about it! Best bridal shower ever. Thanks to the best maid of honor ever. xoxo

  2. Make believe stationery designer, no way - You ARE a designer and the proof is in everything you do. Rock on....nuff said from mom-types I know...(zip)


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