28 April 2010

bridal shower part II: favors

For the favors, we used little jars of honey from a local bee farm & tea samplers. I missed the farmers market that I wanted to go to, so I found two huge jars of local honey at our co-op. I use jars like these for my spices and thought they were the perfect size for a little bit of honey, so I picked up some more. Filled them all with honey (yes, it was sticky) and labeled them. I picked up a few boxes of tea (Irish Breakfast, Indian Spice Chai, Lemon Green Tea and African Rooibos Red Tea) to mix & match.

As a side note, I sewed up the sides on my machine using an old needle and I used the same method I do almost any time I have an assembly line set up: sew down one side, backstitch and then immediately sew down one side of the next envelope without cutting any threads. So you end up with a long sewn-together chain of whatever you are working with... headbands, yoga slings or tea sampler envelopes. Make sense? Like in this strangely-memorizing video. Long story short, I started sewing all of these favors and realized it actually made a really sweet bunting sort of banner... I'll post it on flickr soon if anyone cares.

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