07 April 2010

on asparagus (& salmon with pineapple salsa)

I love asparagus.

We had some the other night to accompany our salmon with homemade pineapple salsa and risotto. The risotto was from a box, the pineapples were from a can but all things considered, it was a perfect gourmet Tuesday.


  1. call me crazy but how cool and different would it be to carry a bunch of asparagus as a bouquet...just sayin'...could just be me and my bride-to-be perspective :)

  2. I found your blog through J. Eric Smith's blog on the TU. I'm enjoying it very much. I especially like this post and the post about the Moop bag!

  3. Sister, omg right? I was totally thinking how much I would like to see an asparagus bouquet. Pretty AND delicious.

    And thanks Roz, for stopping by!


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