20 May 2010

animal vegetable awesome

Can everyone please go read this book? I know I'm years behind on this one, but if you haven't already read this at least once, go read it now. I'm returning my copy back to the library so for you local readers, there will be at least one copy in the library soon. Probably lots more. Oh, and I'm also going to buy it. Because I want to re-read and bend corners and maybe jot some notes in the margin. So you could also borrow my soon-to-be-copy as long as you get it back to me within 2 hours. Joke.

But really, having finally read this book I believe I am obligated to spread the word. It's so good. It's going to be tough following her footsteps in our wee, third-floor apartment with just a narrow window ledge of gardening space... but my favorite farmers' market is outdoors again and I've even got a few seeds a-sproutin'.

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  1. I'm glad you liked it! I was just thinking that I want to buy my own copy so I can re-read it and write on it. I like books like this that inspire and instruct but also have a good narrative.


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