01 June 2010

26.2 (divided by 2)

This weekend we drove on up to beloved Burlington, ate some good food, ran into an old friend and then woke up the next morning and ran a marathon.

Technically. If you combine our mileage, we did cover 26.2.

But, ya know, I ran the first half and then El Chico took care of the second half.

We were relay partners for the 2 Person Relay at the Vermont City Marathon. Which was sweet, but also a little strange because it meant that for most of the morning we were just hanging out by ourselves while the other person suffered through a half marathon. But it was fun and I only ran it a few minutes slower than my last one even though my "training" had been Not So Structured Or Consistent. My trusty relay partner ran it super fast, so our combined time looks much more awesome than it would if I ran the whole thing myself (3:54:52).

Cloudy & cool weather. Great crowd. No major troubles. I was feeling like a champ for the first 7 or so miles, really flying* through the course, but then there was a big hill at mile 8 and that just sucked the godforsaken energy right from me and I slooooowed it down and chugged through the rest. There was a water stop at mile 13 and I swear to you I almost stopped for a leisurely drink before I thought, "Dude, are you freaking kidding me? You can practically see him waiting in the relay transition area, WTF are you doing? Just finish this damn thing and then have some water." So, I skipped that water station and ran the last .1 mile. Probably a good call.

We went to Skinny Pancake for Veggie Monsters and Poutine. Then we parked ourselves outside Speeder & Earls with iced coffees and sore legs before heading back home.

*Relatively speaking.


  1. Wow, you ran 13.1 MILES in one go! And you've done it before! I'm so impressed. I'm glad it went well!


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