16 June 2010

kimono-style robe

I made this bathrobe TWO YEARS AGO.  Almost exactly, I think.  When we first moved into our apartment, I didn't have a job yet and so had about a month or so with lots of free time.  A sweaty, anxious month to in our brand new apartment until I started my current position.  I did a fair amount of sewing, and this was one of the projects I completed.  I can't believe I haven't shared this sooner, because it gets the most use out of almost any of my sewing projects.  I wear it every day in the warm weather.  I think I initially didn't share it because I wasn't too sure about posting pictures of me in my bathrobe.  A little too much, ya know?

The pattern is from Amy Butler's In Stitches, and although I sewed it awhile ago I do remember really liking the pattern and finishing it in just one unemployed day.  The sleeves are long for me so I cuff them once.  I think I also took a few inches off the hem as I do to most patterns made for regular-height adults, but the pattern produces a very short bathrobe anyway so I probably didn't need to.  If you are looking for more coverage, take that into consideration and buy extra fabric.  I absolutely love this print, and think it's most perfect for a kimono robe.

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