24 June 2010

lettuce time

We decided this year to commit most of our gardening space to leafy greens.  We still have herbs (sage, basil, cilantro, chives, rosemary, mint) and one poor decision purchase of a stevia plant.  Our two main windowboxes, however, are engaged in a leafy greens grow-a-thon.  This has a leafy lettuce on the left and a mesclun mix on the right. 
 This windowbox is all spinach, baby.
And I knoooooow they both need to be thinned out immediately and I'm getting to it.  When you only have two windowboxes worth of garden... tearing out healthy little lettuce plants just hurts.  I'm waiting just a few more days and then I'll thin them out and make a mini baby salad with the rejects.  I'm going to start more lettuce seeds in a third windowbox, in hopes of having another fresh supply once these guys are gobbled up.

Edit:  I actually took these pictures a few days ago and I still haven't thinned them out but the lettuce is positively overflowing and if you stare at it really hard, it almost feels like I have a garden :)


  1. We are now eating salads from our garden. Woot Woot!

  2. Can we look forward to some pictures of your creation of a "micro greens" salad? :)


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