08 June 2010

wedding flowers

Congrats to sister and her hubby! They're married!

As more of the photos come in, I'll share 'em here and on flickr but for now let's chat about the flowers. That we did ourselves.
DIY flowers: not so hard. Kate had ordered flowers en bulk that arrived on Thursday morning. Friday afternoon we brought them over to the hotel suite (bigger than my apartment!) and got working. First, mom & sister tackled the bridal bouquet. We had white roses, purple-y roses and calla lilies. We had originally envisioned using mostly purpley roses and calla lillies but once they got going, a beautiful mix of all three was born.Then we assembly lined the centerpieces. Kate picked the roses, I cut them and Mom arranged them and tied the bow. We added some greens for an extra splash and, at the risk of sounding too proud, I think these are the most classic & gorgeous centerpieces. Simple and perfect.

Once those were done we decided we needed more flowers and drove to the grocery store. Love it. We grabbed a bunch of bouquets that matched our colors and that was that. The bridesmaids bouquets were assembled using a perfect mix of the new blooms and a few of the original roses.
We even stuck a mum right in the center of Kate's bouquet.
Moms and grandmas got long-stemmed bouquets. One of sister's bridesmaids rocked the boutonnieres. Everything was wrapped in ribbon, nice & pretty, and put back in water. The next day, my big sister got married to her sweetheart and we celebrated into the night.

(The first and third photos are by Sarah Opiela Johnson, the lovely photographer. The rest are by me.)


  1. OMG - That first photo is perfect. So awesome that you guys did the flowers yourselves... good to know you're so hady with the blooms! Congrats to sis and hubby!

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog through J. Eric Smith's. I'm doing the centerpieces for my wedding, too, and these are beautiful.

    Congratulations to you and your sister!


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