29 July 2010

bread on demand

I KNEW I wasn't the only sucker for Ramona and the Babysitters Club.  Thanks for backing me up.
So Mom loaned me her bread machine and I've made four loaves and a pizza crust.  Not too shabby.  In a perfectly cute and quaint world, I might forgo the bread machine and knead it all by hand, patiently punching it down in between rises and then baking it in my outdoor brick oven.  So I could either wait for that day to happen and in the meanwhile enjoy exactly ZERO loaves of homemade bread (except for that one no-knead loaf), or I could surrender to the glory that is The Bread Machine.  I'm years behind on this one, but for those of you who are also years behind, let me tell you how the contraption works.

You put in the ingredients, in the order they are listed.  You turn the bread machine on.  Three-ish hours later, you have warm, homemade bread.
I know.  I KNOW.  I was just talking to Sister about how new technology often strikes me as really futuristic and sci-fi... for instance, I saw a program on my friend's phone awhile ago that can identify every constellation/star/planet you are looking at just by pointing your phone it that direction.  It's really insane.  It also draws the pictures of the constellations around the stars, for those of us that just don't buy some of the more interpretive constellations (Orion's belt?  WTF, it's just three stars).  And basically every time I see an iPhone app commercial, I'm like "Whooooaa what?!  Hallelujah, praise be to God and Tech Geeks."  These innovations lead me to believe that Smell-O-Vision is not too far off, and also that the best scientific minds of our time have an awful lot of free time on their hands.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that the bread machine is one of those things that seems futuristic to me, even though the internet tells me that it was invented in 1986.

Tell me about your bread making adventures, but do not tell me about your brick oven blah blah that you built on your property and then the honey you gather from your own bees and the homemade peach preserves and the little forest gnomes that help you churn butter, etcetera.  No one likes a show-off.


  1. Okay, so I definitely won't tell you about how in the cold months I make Naan, like, every Sunday and let it rise next to my woodstove (and eventually next to the to-be-completed fireplace in my kitchen), or how we are planning to build a pergola with a outdoor firepit that we can cook on next year. I certainly won't mention that. Haven't seeany wandering gnomes of late, though.

    When are you guys gonna come visit?

  2. I love my bread machine. Though, completely crazy and a little sci-fi...like how does it know the dough is mixed, and that's perfectly risen and that it's done baking...

    THANK YOU for the superb DtG reference (yes I just made up that abbreviation).

    Bring on the smell-o-vision tech world!


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