15 July 2010

fish and chips, the winner

Last week, we stopped a few places for fish and chips.  And then we sort of voted on them, using the categories listed below.  
Tartar Sauce
Remember kids, this is a judgment-free zone, a circle of friends, a safe place... um, so no smirking about all of the fried food, ok?  You would have understood if you were there.  That place just beckons you to eat fish and chips all day long.  Every day.  Nonstop.
I just started filling out a matrix that actually ranked these places by the above categories.  Then I stopped.  A fish and chips matrix?!  C'mon.  Overboard.  So I'll end the suspense and say that Fish & Chips No. 3 in Victoria is the winner!  Congratulations, Barb's Place, you already won our money and now you've won the grand acclaim that this very scientific view is sure to yield.  It was juicy and not tooooo greasy and it was on a floating dock right next to the houseboats.  Fish and Chips No. 1 was quite tasty, but I have suspicions it had been frozen.  the Fish and Chips No. 2 was uber-greasy (but this is coming from a place that also deep-fries candy bars).  Chips were good all around.  I didn't even think I liked tartar sauce, but it turns out, I do.

Heard enough about fish and chips?  Probably.

Note:  Judging may have been unfair as all three places served up different fish:  halibut, cod & haddock, respectively. 

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  1. I really wished I hadn't looked at this a hour before lunch time. Now I'm hungry for fish and chips. :)


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