26 July 2010


We missed yesterday's farmers market so we picked up the ingredients this afternoon at the co-op.  I've got a bread maker on loan (more on this later) so we made whole wheat pizza dough and let the machine do the rest of the heavy lifting.  Then we mostly followed a recipe from The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook.  The sauce is a blend of ricotta, sour cream and fresh herbs and then we added garlic, caramelized onions and sliced tomatoes on top. 

Combine it with a mesclun, cucumber & blueberry salad, two Long Trails and a picnic blanket on the first low-humidity night in awhile, and we had ourselves a nice anniversary celebration.  Followed up, obviously, with a little dessert-- a blueberry tart and Adirondack Creamery coffee bean ice cream.

And apparently this should have been equally obvious, watching The Outlaw Josey WhalesAgain.


  1. Congrats on five! The Pizza sure looks delicious. It made me smile when I noticed the boy had scissors in his hand ready to cut the pizza. :)

  2. Congratulations -- five years -- woohoo! Hope you had a great anniversary! XO : )


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