01 July 2010

have you met my bicycle?

I've talked about her but just realized you've never even seen her!  She's a Trek 7.2 FX for gals.  When I bought it, the guy said that women don't necessarily have to get women's-specfic design (WSD) bikes if their arms and legs are long enough.  He paused, sized me up, and then politely suggested that I, however, should definitely look into a WSD bike.  Given my short limbs and all.  Word up.  I was relieved that he didn't suggest a tricycle.

I don't ride my bike enough, but I'm working on it.  Give me your bike tips and advice, especially those relating to bike commuting and not arriving at your workplace/party in a big sweaty mess, while everyone else looks professional/glamorous because they arrive in air-conditioned automobiles.

(Photo via Trek, because strangely enough, I haven't taken a picture of my bike yet even though I bought it last summer.)

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  1. Remember Kent Sopris? I had that sick antique black Schwinn with the basket that I rode to class. He would stand on the porch of Moran Hall and sing the Wicked Witch of the West theme as I hauled ass to class every Wednesday.


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