06 July 2010

postcard no. 1, vancouver

29 hours in Vancouver and still no Michael J. sighting.  We have since moved on to Nanaimo.  But before we moved on, we strolled about the city, had some poutine and the world's best cream puffs (allegedly), and saw some totem poles.  Technically didn't have to use my shower flip flops yet, but I did.  Why did I pack my shower flip flops?  Because we're hostel-hopping and I don't want a foot fungus souvenir.  Wow, I just grossed myself out. Last night's hostel was very hostel-ly. Know what I'm saying?  But also spunky and generous with their free breakfast and filled with uber-trendy Europeans in jeggings and heavy eyeliner.  But we had a private bathroom, and I still wore my flip flops.  You dig?

Remind me to tell you how we got to Nanaimo.  Because it's awesome.


  1. Instant post card. I like it! Hope you get to dip a toe in the pacific :}

  2. Hope you're having a great time. Keep looking for Michael J. and tell him I said Hi and I love him when you finally see him. Was really hoping for a sweet Family Ties clip with your link, but the British Columbia tourist clip was definitely intriguing and now I want to go there.

  3. Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves! Love the instant postcard idea. Have tons of fun!


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