08 July 2010

postcard no. 3, nanaimo

Well well well, Vancouver Island.  Very pretty.
After our grand entrance to Nanaimo on Monday, we settled in at the most lovely hostel.  So lovely that I would like to remodel our apartment to look and feel like this hostel.  Even the shared bathrooms were a-ok.  And there was a big, wonderful kitchen and common area that was cozy and bustling.  And there was a foosball table.
Also in Nanaimo:  two consecutive days of fish and chips (so fresh!  don't judge!) and ice cream cones by the harbour and backgammon in the common room.  Not in Nanaimo:  Alex P. Keaton.
On Wednesday we got a car and drove to see some big ass trees at Cathedral Grove.  Old growth forest style.  They were large, and I would say in charge, excepting for the fact that a windstorm decimated a bunch of them in the nineties.  
I believe this is the second time I've mentioned Ents here, but I was crossing my fingers the whole time that one of the trees would start talking and defeating evil.  Just sayin'.

And then we hopped a train through the forests down to Victoria, where we'll be soaking up the beautiful weather until Friday morning.


  1. oh sister, thank you for the Alex P. Keaton tribute. keep having a great time! looks amazing!

  2. Looks like you are having a blast! Love it!

  3. That second pic is hella awesome.
    NiMo looks and sounds like my kind of place!

  4. I Think you both are going to need a vacation to rest up from your vaction. I'm glad you are able to see so much of Beautiful BC !

  5. That drink in the bottom of pic 4 looks amazing as well.

  6. The tartar sauce or the grease?

  7. Glad you had fun in Nanaimo! Next time you visit, you'll have to try all the versions of the Nanaimo Bar such as cupcakes, cheesecake, martini, sundae, deep fried and organic! Pirate Chips is such a fascinating little find.


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