11 July 2010

postcard no. 4, victoria

Our train ride took us right through the woods and over two seemingly treacherous bridges before conveniently plopping us just a few blocks from our Victoria hostel.  It's a huge backpacker's inn with Indonesian art everywhere and apparently you can do 3.5 hours/day of housekeeping work and get a free dorm bunk to stay in.  (In which to stay.)  Our room felt like a funky little college dorm room.

Victoria is awesome.  Great-sized city, in my opinion.  There were lots of shops and walking around and staring out into the harbour.  Stumbled across a ska festival.  And the most magical houseboat community ever (is that redundant?).  I wanted to dedicate a whole post to these houseboats and to the fact that one of them is for sale and it's perfect and a 45 second walk to a top-rated fish and chips stand, but I didn't.  Y'all know how much I love houseboats.
Found some almost-open ocean and sat there daydreaming for awhile without sunburning.

Enjoyed dinner and a few drinks at our hostel's cafe and played a weird round of bingo while eating an obscene amount of edamame, which I wasn't even sure I liked before this.  Didn't win bingo.  Thought I saw Marty McFly once, but it was someone else.


  1. Looks like a fantastic time...I'm loving it vicariously...and the HOUSEBOAT community, OMG...need to see more!

  2. I, too, am vacationing vicariously! I look forward to more of your fab updates.

  3. Mom, I took so many pictures of the houseboats, naturally! I can't wait to show you. I kept thinking of that houseboat book you have!


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