11 August 2010

cotton produce bag

I crocheted up this produce bag using the linen grocery tote pattern from the purl bee.  Instead of linen yarn I used up some cheap-o cotton yarn I had laying around. I ran out of the primary color just as I was about to start the handles, so I did those in a yellow cotton.
No modifications to the pattern this time, but if I give it another go I think I'll crochet a tighter mesh so that skinny cucumbers and zucchini can't make their escape so easily.  They have a tendency to poke out of the bag in a very obscene fashion, and I'd like to put an end to that right now.  I also might make the next bag a little bit shorter-- it has so much stretch that when it is full it hangs down practically to my knees.  Cute pattern overall, seems sturdy enough for a modest load of produce.

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  1. I made some produce bags out of a meshy-tulle fabric a while ago, which I can throw in the wash pretty easily. I wish I could find similar fabric that was organic. Got any sources? You're so creative.

    Sorry I'll be missing you this weekend, have fun in Ohio!

  2. Hmmm, let me work on that one! We have some great produce bags that sound similar-- Chris' mom found them on Etsy.

    Hope the movie viewing turns out as awesome as it sounds... document it thoroughly, please :)


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