30 August 2010

do fun stuff- a kids record for parents

Quick interruption...

See, there is this very cute family and their very cute little boy is living with Smith Magenis Syndrome (SMS).  There is not enough information out there about SMS, and there isn't any sort of road map for families trying to care and love and raise their cute little boys and girls with SMS.  Ryan Marshall of Pacing the Panic Room, and step-dad to that cute little boy, has put together an awesome compilation album of kids music that parents can also bop along too without shame.  (Perhaps you've seen Ryan's maternity series or pictures of his cute family?)  100% of the proceeds will go a grant fund that will support intensive research and case studies on SMS, providing parents and families with some more answers and help.

You can help out by:
  1. Buying the album on iTunes:  Do Fun Stuff — A Kids Record For Parents.  It's a mix of both kids songs and kid-friendly songs that parents will like.
  2. Spreading the word:  Go to http://www.dofunstuff.net/ to share this widget on your own blog or website.  Twitter about it using the #dofunstuff hashtag.  Post the link on Facebook.
And you might want to just go ahead and catch up on Pacing the Panic Room posts.  Watch this video, look at this picture and you'll be hooked.


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