13 August 2010

giveaway winners

Congratulations to Cat K. & katie, who are now the proud owners of the Lunch Bags! book and a handmade Simple Lunch Bag, respectively.  Should have mentioned this sooner, but Cat K., you are required to make each and every pattern from the book and then send me all of them, because they are so stinkin' cute.  (Joke.  But they are cute.)  And katie, you join the ranks of many a noble man and woman in possession of lunch bags from unspeakable visions (here, here, here, here & here for example, and here for a special patriotic edition).
We'd have a pretty bad-ass picnic going here what with the pb, sprouts & cucumber sandwiches; waldorf & orzo salads; tomato, mozz & basil; chicken can-can (that sounds so awesome) & black bean empanadas; brie, grapes & nectarines; blondies & cowboy cookies (recipe forthcoming); all chased down with some black cherry kool-aid, cold bailey tea & wine.  Nice work, my friends.

Aw, sad... you didn't win?  Well there are a few lunch bags lingering in the shop & you can buy the book here.  Cheer up, it's Friday!

(Photo:  Vancouver, July 2010)


  1. Congrats to the winners...very cool!

  2. Yes, congrats to the winners! I have now ordered a copy of the book so I will be looking for an autograph the next time we get together.

  3. i won! i won! :)

    ...because i am so excited to be the be the new owner of a 'christine original lunch bag', annnnd because i think it should have been included in the fine print – joey and i will whip up a few waldorf/pesto wraps and invite you guys over to partake in their deliciousness...

    thanks hun!


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