12 August 2010

last dance, last chance

Hope you had a breakfast of champions this morning, because today is the day I will single-handedly decide your fate.  Will you be the new owner of an autographed copy of Lunch Bags! 25 Handmade Sacks & Wraps to Sew TodayMight you soon have your very own Simple Lunch Bag to fill with oreos and twinkies?  Maybe.  Maybe you'll be so lucky.  But you have to enter the giveaway first, and you can do that ASAP by heading over to this post and leaving a comment.  You have until 8pm est tonight and I'll announce the winners tomorrow morning.  Good luck, and Godspeed to ya.

PS-  What do you guys eat for breakfast?  I know I've been getting kinda nosy with your meal choices, but help a sister out.  I'm bored.  Need new breakfast ideas.  Bonus points if they include ice cream, cupcakes or gin.


  1. You could start with wild blackberries from the high hills of the Berkshires. Giant bear stories are optional.

  2. I did (successfully) experiment with a zucchini and carrot muffin recipe (pg. 235 in tall veg cookbook) last night. Best served warmed with butta. You probably could convince me to give you a sample or two.

  3. I heard about that giant bear! Yikes.

    Dude, I just made zucchini brownies last night for a Habitat picnic. Zucchini all around. I'll have to check that cookbook for your recipe, or just steal some :)

  4. My go-to is oatmeal with ground flaxseed, almonds or walnuts, frozen blueberries, cinnamon, and a tiny touch of maple syrup. Also toast with peanut butter and honey. Pancakes on the weekends when my husband is lucky. I'm kind of boring with breakfast, but maybe it's different than what you do and will give you some ideas?

  5. You know me, either a hardboiled egg in my pocket or yogurt & berries...I might be in a rut here. :)


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