17 August 2010

libraries & cookbooks

I've been taking out a lot of cookbooks from the library lately, and I think I'm addicted.  Libraries turn me into a damn greedy beggar, with their free books and online renewal.  I go looking for one specific thing and walk out with an armload of cookbooks, just because I freakin' can.  It's like a free lunch buffet... you end up binging on stale sandwiches and cans of store-brand soda all day, just because you can.  

I flip through them, mark the recipes that look good, and then I copy or scan them into my computer.  After that, I return the books.  It seems illegal.  What can I say, I'm a real thrill-seeker.

The New Vegetarian Epicure, however, is going on my must-purchase list.  I realized that after I bookmarked all but two menus in it.

Favorite cookbooks, anyone?  Let me in on the secret.  Also, if you have any tried and true recipe management/organization systems, let me know about those too.  I've got a binder full of recipes, a binder full of other food and nutrition information, a shelf of hard-copy cookbooks, plus online accounts and collections at Epicurious, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart and I tag all the other miscellaneous recipes using Google Bookmarks.  Sooooooo, I need some help.  Oh, and does anyone use Evernote or another digital notes organizer?


  1. Love Soup, by Anna Thomas.

    it's a collection of 160 really unique vegetarian soup recipes, which she divided into 4 categories based on the seasons. (which is so perfect for soups because everyone knows chowdah is better in the winter :)

    also, there is a back section filled with homemade bread recipes, dip recipes, and other stuff you can eat with your soup. so, win/win.

    you are welcome to it anytime.

  2. i was going to mention love soup since it's been on my amazon wish list forever! that anna thomas, she sure knows her cookbooks. the new vegetarian epicure is so great, all organized by themed menus that make you want to plan dinner parties all year long.

  3. so, you already own my top 3 picks...i just realized that i don't know the names of them but i can describe them-red&white, short/thick veg and tall/thin veg :) on my must-purchase-soon list--anything from the moosewood collection!

    i have also rekindled my love for the library and the joys of taking out as many books as you can hold, been twice in the last week!

    i also have an unwieldy binder/manila folder of recipes that needs taming...perhaps a sister project?

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  5. the greatest veggie cookbook is called Fields of Green, based on the famous San Fran restaraunt!

  6. One of my all time favorites is The Art of Cooking for Two, Down to Earth Recipes Using Natural Ingredients. My mom gave me this cookbook when I moved into my first apartment at age 20. So, we're going back many years, but it's just wonderful today.

  7. Ooh good suggestions! This is not going to help my massive, exponentially increasing recipe collection :)

    The Art of Cooking for Two sounds wonderful, maybe I can sneak a peek sometime!


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