30 September 2010

blog subscriptions: a housekeeping update

Quick note to any readers using Bloglines subscription service:  You probably have heard that Bloglines is shutting down on October 1.  So switch over your RSS feeds to Google Reader (or another subscription service) if you don't want to miss out on blog updates!  Here is a great tutorial for making the switch.  If you don't know what Bloglines is, don't worry because it doesn't affect you :)

PS-  If you read a lot of blogs, though, seriously consider adding them to Google Reader.  You just type in the URLs of your favorite blogs and Google Reader will show you every time the blog is updated so you only have to check one page instead of each blog individually.  Voila, so easy.  Or even easier, just click the "Follow" button over in the sidebar and boom! instant updates in one location.

PPS-  Or if you are on Facebook, become a fan of the blog (click here) and you'll get automatic updates via your News Feed.

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