13 September 2010

Cyclists Wanted for 4th Annual Tour de Habitat

4th Annual Tour de Habitat
Sunday, September 26, 2010
Albany Pump Station 
(19 Quackenbush Square, Albany)

The Tour de Habitat gives riders a choice of pedaling a 100, 50, 25 or family-friendly 10 mile route to benefit Capital District Habitat for Humanity. All rides start and finish at the Albany Pump Station, with a post-ride reception featuring food and beer!  You can sign up right over at capitaldistricthabitat.org and create your own online fundraising site too.  Then get out that old two-wheeler, fill up the tires & do it.  Riders of all experience levels welcome. 

Let your favorite cyclists know.  Blog about it, email this post to your friends, follow Capital District Habitat on Facebook and Twitter.  Spread the word.

PS- Read past posts about Habitat here.


  1. I suppose I could check out the link (and probably will after I post this) but when is this?! I totally want in!

  2. OR I could look at the date posted above... Sometimes I amaze myself.

  3. Mahaha, yup, it's September 26. Do it! Are you home? I'm signed up for the 25 mile ride but have been keeping quiet because I have a bit of a knee issue that may prevent me from actually doing the ride... either way I'll be there hanging out there though. Let me know if you're in!


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