15 September 2010

ginger, anyone?

"Upon her return from the grocery store, she finally realized she was losing it."

Three jars of ground ginger.  A spice I seldom use but apparently purchase with some regularity.  In the spice aisle, I would have sworn to you that not only did I not currently have any ginger, but that I quite possibly had never bought ground ginger in my entire life.

Aren't I too young for this?


  1. ha nope. I once borrowed about a 1/4 jar of coriander from mom and then realized I had an unopened jar on my spice shelf. I'll take one of those off your hands if you're looking to decrease your holdings...but I should probably check to make sure I don't have 3 jars already :)

  2. This is too funny. I refer to it as some-timers; some times I remember and some times I don’t. As a matter fact yesterday on Dr OZ, he reminded us that ginger is good for ......? Well I can’t remember what it is good for, but it is good for you so make some ginger tea. :)

  3. hahaha, I am exactly the same with curry! I always think that I can’t possibly have any at home and end up buying, and now I have at least 3-4 jars :)

  4. Haha, at least it's something everyone does :) Wack-a-doo, indeed.

  5. There was a spell when I was going through a lot of ground ginger. It involved Chinese style stir fry. You can really dump a ton of the stuff on frozen vegetables to help perk up their flavor.

  6. haha, i just recently used up another, yes, another jar of cumin. so now i'm down to 2. whew!



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