03 September 2010


I've wanted to visit Portland, Oregon for a very long time because it seems like the magical sort of place where gigantic indie bookstores and vibrant city markets meet bike-friendly roadways and the best craft and fabric shops around.  And all the cool bloggers and artists live in Portland.  There are mountains.  It's at the top of every possible list of Awesome Places to Live For Various Reasons.  I've also heard rumors that some movie theaters there serve pizza and beer.  In the movie theater.  If the movie theaters also serve cheesecake, so help me God, I'm not coming back home.

And, as you may remember, I now have an even more compelling reason to visit Portland because a certain M.D. lives there!  I have to check in to make sure they are letting him sleep at least 30 minutes for every 30 hour shift he works and that he isn't subsisting on granola bars and coffee.  I also need to rectify a very urgent situation involving an eco-terrace (yeah,it's really just a patio) and a lack of appreciation for its intended use:  boozing and container gardening.

So I'm off to Portland for an extended Labor Day Weekend.  I intend to take care of the eco-terrace situation immediately upon arrival.

But what else should I do in Portland?  I've scoured my favorite PDX-based blogs and websites so I have a handful of ideas, but I need more!  What are your favorite restaurants, bars, shops, sights, etc.?  Or if you haven't been there and are interested in a vicarious trip to a certain destination, let me know those places too.

(Photo of the Portland Aerial Tram, via Travel Portland.  This the doc's daily commute.  I KNOW.)

UPDATE:  So Hurricane Earl.  Tough cookie, that one.  Travelers have been advised to avoid Newark airport as there is a strong chance it will be a cesspool of delays and cancellations.  Earl should be rolling through there later today.  I'll give you one guess as to who has a connecting flight in Newawk later today.  Cross your fingers, gang.  If I had an iPhone, I'd live-blog my woes but luckily for you, I don't :)  Leave me your Portland suggestions anyway, for good luck.


  1. Mean Mr. Earl. Sorry bud, hoping you can still make it our to Portland.

  2. i want to take my family there! one day.

  3. I hope you made it - it has been a decent weekend for our weather of late. I'm sure you have found so much to do (like visit a plethora of wonderful fabric shops!). There is so much good food in the Pearl, I can't even begin. Just go on a walk and pick one!


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