22 September 2010

a survival manual for young people living in town (+ earth snacks recipe)

Homesteading in the City:  
A Survival Manual for Young People Living In Town or Off Campus
Nancy Seligmann 
copyright 1975
From the Back Cover:
"You have to be a real pioneer to settle down in the big city or set up an apartment off campus these days- the life is rugged, the environment is often hostile and sometimes it's hard to know where your next meal is coming from.

Here is a down-to-earth guide to living cheaply, naturally, and happily in the city- an absolutely indispensable survival manual for those who are setting up an apartment for the first time, living and working or studying on their own."

From the Table of Contents:
Part One.  Leaving the Old Nest and Feathering the New.
Part Two.  Food for Life, or How to Avoid Scurvy and Slow Starvation
Part Three. Bountiful Recipes for the Poor and Hungry
Part Four.  Country Living in the City

What I love about this book is that it was written as a basic survival guide for young people just starting out on their own.  She provides simple recipes using inexpensive and convenient ingredients for dishes like frambled eggs and meatloaf and gives plenty of shortcuts for the young chef.

But there are also sections on canning, preserving, bean sprouting and other homestead-y activities that aren't usually included in most of today's young adult "survival guides". Oh, and it has a section on terrarium-making.  Awesome.

A Recipe for Earth Snacks
"Earth Snacks taste great- you can eat them like popcorn or candy, but you won't get as fat and your teeth won't fall out as fast."

  • sunflower seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • wheat germ
  • unroasted peanuts
  • toasted soy beans
  • light or dark raisins
  • dried figs
  • dried pineapple
  • raw cashews
  • sea salt, kosher salt or regular salt
Pour some wheat germ in a bowl, cut up the pineapple, figs, or other fruit and coat them with the wheat germ to prevent the fruit from sticking together. Add the raisins, also coating them with the wheat germ.  Add all other ingredients and salt the mixture according to taste.  Store in jars, or plastic bags.

I haven't actually made this, so enjoy at your own risk :)
(Photos via The New York Times and Martha Stewart.)


  1. It sounds like the book is funny! I love books like that. Good find!

  2. Brings me back a few years....


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