27 October 2010

birthday wishes

I'm heading down to the Big Apple until Friday for my organization's annual conference -- yes, I have a day job! -- but wanted to pop in quick and note that today was almost the third birthday (here are #1 and #2) for which The Boyfriend received a homemade hat from me.  Yikes.  But I swear they were all by request!  I'm not a hat-pusher!  Alas, the third hat will have to wait a little bit longer until I find the perfect yarn and beef up my new knitting skills.  I'm not too worried about the hat, though, because there are a few slices of birthday cheesecake waiting in the fridge as a distraction.

Since I'm cruelly abandoning the birthday boy on this special day, let's all wish him well in the comments below!  I'm sure he will absolutely 100% hate it :)  I'll pick a commenter at random to receive a little party favor in the mail.

(Photo:  A pretty tree in Nanaimo, BC, July 2010.)


  1. Happy Birthday!! It was so good to see you this weekend and catch up, you are both AWESOME! Enjoy that cheesecake!

    Christine, I have a conference for a client in Rochester, beginning next week. Yuck. I wish it was in NYC. Are you going to TEDxAlbany next week?

  2. Happy Birthday Chris! Hope it's a great one!

  3. Happy Birthday, Chris! Have a great day!!! XO

  4. Better late than never....happy birthday wishes to a great guy! I hope you and Christine have a nice belated celebration soon.

  5. Enjoy the beautiful weather. Happy birthday Chris.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Chris!
    AND I actually used the name function this time!


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