21 October 2010

community supported bakery

Recently, I've been totally blown away by the creativity of others in my city.  The tweetzzapizza guys, for starters.  And now the husband and wife duo behind All Good Bakers is starting up the area's first CSB-- Community Supported Bakery.

It works just like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) wherein you purchase your bakery shares at the start of the season and then pick up delicious baked treats each week.  So awesome.  All Good Bakers had a booth at the Local Harvest Festival back in September and we picked up a flyer about the CSB along with a sweet treat.  They use local and organic ingredients whenever possible and also offer a few vegan selections, including their famous Vegan Cinnamon Buns.  You can choose in advance what you'd like each week (ie, Oh this week I'd like a loaf of Rustic Italian but then the next week I'll get the seasonal scones.  All Over Albany has an interview with the bakers and links to more information about the CSB shares and sign-ups over here.  The last day to sign-up for this season is October 24, so you local readers better get moving!

I love the creativity and innovation behind the CSB idea.  It's a well-known business model applied in a non-traditional niche.  I really do believe that we are transitioning away from boxed, processed, empty calorie and suspicious ingredient food.  I have faith that the local food (and local economy) movement will become more and more mainstream.  That healthy fruits & veggies and handcrafted quality products will be preferred over cheaply made goods.  But during this transition, which will likely be quite slow and a little bit painful, sustainable visionaries (farmers, bakers, artisans, etc.) are rolling up their sleeves and getting creative about building successful, profitable businesses.  I love that.

From the All Over Albany interview:
"The up-front capital the community supported model will bring us will enable us to bake with organic flours and local ingredients ... and it will allow us to run our own business and still have time for family.  We want to grow slowly, build a solid customer base and then perhaps expand."  
Yes yes yes.  Email them at allgoodbakers@gmail.com for more info.

PS-  FUSSYlittleBLOG is hosting a giveway of treats from All Good Bakers.  You can also enter a giveaway at their Facebook page.

PPS-  They are also venders at a nearby farmers market AND do special orders (cakes, cupcakes, etc.)  Just thought you should know.


  1. And then there are those of us who can and do make their own. (Wink wink, nudge nudge)

  2. Baking from scratch, whether you do it yourself or get 'em from someone else, rocks. Woot woot!

  3. We've got 41 shares sold as of the deadline! We need at least 100 to make our kitchen rental viable. We are going to start accepting applications for the CSB on a rolling, pro-rated basis until we hit our mark. If you missed the deadline, you can still join! Just deduct the weeks you've missed and get your order form in at least a week in advance so that we can have the proper materials on hand. Email us for info: allgoodbakers@gmail.com

    The Delmar Market starts its indoor winter run this Saturday, Oct. 30 - Dec. 15 (Bethlehem Middle School Cafeteria) - there will be lots of local crafters, fall/winter vegetables, grass-fed meat & a warm and friendly atmosphere. Only one of 3 Saturday indoor winter markets close to Albany!

    AGB won't be there Oct. 30, but we'll be back in full force the first weekend of Nov. We'll be baking from our new kitchen space and will have more breads for you to choose from! Hope to see you there.


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