13 October 2010

fondue partay

I assumed that this would have been be my 6th or so post about fondue, but a quick search tells me that although I've shared photos over on flickr, I've never once written about the wonder that is a Fondue Party here.  Shame! Where to start?  My mom has another gem of a book from the 70s that declares something like,"Fondue is perfect for a really gay evening at the ski lodge."  Indeed it is, even if a little lost in translation.  I'm of the strong belief that fondue is an all-season experience, but I find it has the strongest effect when it's cold outside and you are huddled around a fondue pot inside, filling your belly with cheese and chocolate.

The first fondue night of the cool-weather season happened last week.  I can't take credit for this one, since all I had to do was bring over my fondue pot and a beverage; my gracious hosts provided the rest.  Imagine my delight when, upon presenting the apple cider & cranberry cocktails, I was told that the main course fondue was a Cheddar and Hard Cider recipe. C'est magnifique!

Drinks were poured, cheese was melted & the fixins were brought to the table.  A feeding frenzy promptly ensured, during which time we ate our weight in bread, mushrooms, chicken sausage, apples and broccoli dipped in fondue.  I've heard many a complaint about fondue not being sufficient as a stand-alone dinner.  Let my story be a lesson to you:  you can get wonderfully sick with gluttony just from dipping little crudites and bread into melted cheese.  Trust.

Then, have gone beyond the point of no return, we started up the dessert fondue.  Strawberries, pineapple and sponge cake dipped in warm chocolate.

Fondue makes the world go 'round.  You linger around the fondue pot, scraping up every last bit of gooey goodness while storytelling and jokemaking, and all is right in the world.

Do you fondue?  I became an Avid Fonduer after my mom and sister double-teamed my Christmas gift a few years ago and I ended up with a brand new fondue pot and a fondue recipe book.  I think that picking a fondue recipe is the easy part, but deciding what to dip in it always stumps me.  Any suggestions?


  1. hmmmm fondue, I love it, but I never done it with anything else then cheese....

    great blog!


    hope you come visit/follow me? :)


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