04 October 2010

pizza by text or tweet

Stumbled across tweetzzapizza the other day:

"Homemade pizza on Saturday nights (7:30pm-sellout) in Albany.  
Sketchy bicycle delivery.  Meet us on the corner.  
Order via text or tweet."

Menu looked good.  $7 for cheese, $8 for a pie with toppings.  So I texted in our order (one three-cheese pizza) and we set up a delivery game plan.

They deliver by bike within the Center Square neighborhood of Albany, maybe up to midtown if you ask politely.  Apparently they are close enough to our building that they planned on walking it over instead of using the bike.  Obviously I was bummed, but then as I walked to the nearby corner four minutes later... a guy on a crazy-looking bike appeared!  I yelled, "Is that my pizza?!"  And it was.  It was.  I wish I brought my camera outside (but here is someone else's picture of it).


The business plan is hilarious and awesome.  The delivery was ridiculous and super speedy.  And the pizza was warm and delicious.  Thanks, tweetzzapizza :)

I've heard that in NYC you can text a guy and he will deliver you a grilled cheese.  Is this the wave of the future?  If so, I'm definitely setting up a text-only delivery service of warm chocolate chip cookies.


  1. Looks like a cast of a big foot footprint. Kidding!

  2. I've had the idea of doing a cookie delivery service for eons, if not for 2 kids under two, that's probably what I'd be doing right now.

  3. Yup, judging from the millions of blogs I've been reading and the conversations I've been eavesdropping in on 'round these parts, I'd say we're definitely not the only ones with the cookie delivery idea! The key would be to deliver them nice and warm :) Let's hope someone gets on this, and QUICK.


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