30 November 2010

birthday tupperware

We've been using three of these glorious Tupperware canisters ever since we moved into our apartment.  They were the ones we had when I was a kid and I remember scooping out popcorn kernels for our air-popper or flour for making cowboy cookies.  I love these canisters.  Very much.  So much that a few months ago I began scouring Etsy for additional canisters.  I found a great listing, decided to sleep on it and then, to my horror, discovered that they had sold overnight.  #@$%!  With my head hung low, I kept searching for the perfect matching set, but to no avail.

I celebrated a birthday over the weekend (such a cute kid and baby) and was monumentally surprised to discover that I am now the owner of a like-new set of four Tupperware canisters that EXACTLY match my originals!  In fact, they EXACTLY match the Etsy listing I found so many moons ago.  Tricksy.

Well I now have a total of seven beautiful mustard yellow Tupperware containers.  This probably doesn't do it for everybody, but it sure does it for me.  Now I'm on the hunt for a set of older Pyrex mixing bowls.  The type with crazy designs on the side and color combinations involving mustard yellow, pea green, burnt orange and the like.  My Etsy favorites is full of ugly houseware inspirations. Love.

I haven't forgotten about my promise to show you my new terrarium.  One throwback to the 70s at a time, ok?


  1. Many thoughts...

    1. I have a similar childhood memory, except my mom's were pea green.

    2. Yes, you were adorable! Love it.

    3. Love that the stack is almost as tall as you; also, that oven is hilarious.

    4. I have a bunch of the old pyrex bowls and casserole dishes (and baking dishes). Mostly hand-me-downs. Found some at an antiques festival in the summer, and some of them sell for, like, $20-40! I was shocked.

    Happy Birthday, bud.

  2. Way too adorable!!!! Ah, the memories surrounding yellow canisters and to think that another generation is enjoying them! I thought that kind of stuff only happens in the movies...I am smiling soooo hugely right now.

  3. I just cracked up reading our back-n-forth on your baby picture again. Such good memories of those canisters and it's so great you've added to the collection. There's nothing quite like vintage kitchen things!

  4. Very Tricksy!
    You just can’t beat a timeless Tupperware collection, unless you happen to be a clever house mouse:)

  5. My parents have tupperware containers in that same series, although not quite as complete of a set as you do. I agree that Etsy is the best place for finding old pyrex bowls. I bought one over the summer on there. Check out Jen's Closet (http://www.etsy.com/shop/jenscloset) she has tons of Pyrex and is lovely to order from.


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