05 November 2010

my first knit hat

As I mentioned a little while ago, I am now a knitter.  An awkward, slow knitter but a knitter nonetheless.  And to prove it, here is my very first knit hat!  A little wonky, sure, and maybe a bit too thick and floppy when you see it from the back, but overall?  It's a hat!  An actual knit hat.  The possibilities are endless now that I know how to click around two knitting needles.

I followed the Simple Pleasures Hat pattern from The Purl Bee and used Patons Classic Wool Tweeds in Paprika.  If I had used the recommended yarn weight instead I think I could have avoided the excessive thickness.  I did end up omitting a few rounds in order to keep the floppiness in check, but I probably could have left out a few more.  Once I got the hang of my circular needles, this pattern was pretty straightforward and simple.  Which is not to say that I didn't start it over about 9-10 times, but that's merely an indication of my very rudimentary knitting skills and not the pattern itself.

For any other beginner knitters out there, here are a few resources that I found particularly helpful:
Sooo, do you think I can convince people that the knitted gift they receive for Christmas this year is totally different than the crocheted gift I gave them last year?  Because it will be.  Totally, completely different...


    1. Great job!
      And of course - knitted gifts are waaaay different that crocheted ones ;)

    2. Kinda looks like a carrot, eh?

    3. Haha thanks for the reassurance Signe, I hope my giftees see it that way too!

      I finished this hat right before Halloween and almost used it with the carrot costume! But it wasn't quite produce-y enough so I made the felt one :)

    4. Looks great! You are so talented. I couldn't knit to save my life. I'm sure you think you're better than all us crochet-only kids now, right? (Haha, just kidding). I'm at a conference in Rochester and plan on making millions of crocheted snowflakes in my downtime to hang on the stairway garland.

    5. I'll tell ya, I did feel a little bit cocky once I started knitting...

      It took me a few years, but I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. So if you want to switch over to the dark side, there's still hope. Although I'll always be a crocheter at heart. Plus, I think you can make prettier lacy patterns with crochet than with knitting. And crocheted snowflake garland?! Precious.

    6. wow! you did an amazing job!! i started to knit but all i could do was a very large never ending rectangle which then turned into nothing...it is actually still waiting to be dealt with. so many projects so little time!

      the color is great on you!


    7. Oh my..how beautiful! I think I'm going to have to learn how to knit as well..it seems like it would be relaxing :)


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