08 November 2010

quintessential november

Well it's a quintessential November day.  Cold, blustery and a bit gray outside.  I'm just settling into hibernation mode with my yarn at the ready, our bread machine humming along and the storm windows tightly shut.  I've got cookbooks and a pop fiction paperback on loan from the library.  Still bundling up and going running outside now and again, though that boring treadmill at the gym is starting to look better each day.  Beginning to brainstorm up some holiday gifts and treats already, but I'm absolutely refusing to listen to Christmas music or put up decorations until after Thanksgiving.

This fall I'd like to bake scones, make cinnamon-infused vodka, make these fingerless mittens and clean up my sewing area to make it functional once again.  So far I've crossed making biscotti, making cheese, knitting a hat, and starting up the Sunday Soup tradition off of my list.

(I took this photo just a few weeks ago from our living room window and all of those leaves are gone now, shaken from the tree and littering our sidewalks and windshields.)

Update:  It's snowing here.  Snowing pretty hard and accumulating into at least a few slushy inches on the ground outside.  Really didn't see that coming.  Guess I better hurry on my fall to-do list because it looks like winter is here!

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  1. i like your sunday soup day. ive been thinking about starting some kind of little thing ever sunday. its the only day i get off work early. let me know what kind of soups you do. maybe we can trade some ideas!


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