01 November 2010

shop update!

Neck cozies are back in the shop!  They are each made with layers of soft flannel and thick fleece to keep you warm and cozy all through the winter.  Our unique button placement keeps you bundled up and ready to face those chilly days and nights.  Perfect for dressing up last year's winter coat or to pair with a chunky knit sweater and mug of coffee.  Lady- and dude-friendly designs available.  Get in touch with me to talk about custom orders. 

PS-  If we were buddies on Facebook, you would have gotten this shop update last week.  Click here to join the cool kids club.


  1. I think I'll be placing a custom order. Also, I think I have a coffe-cup cozy with the same fabric as the 2nd picture. I love it!

  2. It's that time of year again!


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