02 December 2010

terrarium love

I had to buy this terrarium.  I intend on making one of my own soon enough, but I really had to have this.  If you can believe it, I'm actually not one for impulse buys.  I usually hem and haw over something so long that I convince myself to put it back on the shelf.  In fact, many a shopping trip has ended with me retracing my steps and returning everything in my basket and walking out conflicted and empty handed.  Last night I was at CVS and it took me almost fifteen minutes to decide whether or not to buy new eyeliner.  In the same color I always wear.  Same brand.  $7.99.  I mean, come on. Well here is proof that I'm capable of a little impulsiveness now and again.  Faced with an entire table of terrariums, who wouldn't get a little spendy?  Am I right? This terrarium is from The Botanic Studio and it was just one of many supremely beautiful miniature gardens.

1.  Cute little mushrooms by weeshop.
2.  A terrarium ornament by onegiftoneworld.
3.  Rude gnome by PhenomeGNOME.
4.  Terrarium necklace by WarmCountryMeadows.
5.  Sleeping gnome by PhenomeGNOME.

My Survival Manual for Young People Living in Town has a whole section on making terrariums, and I do believe my mom and a buddy of mine have offered to make some with me so I'll keep you posted.  I would really love to put a little garden gnome in one.  And maybe a few mushrooms.  As usual, Etsy is a treasure chest of inspiration for even the strangest throw-back obsession...

What say you, readers?  Any good ideas for a terrarium?  


  1. Such a great collection of terrarium inspiration! :) I myself have started a few and so far the moss is growing great! Next I need to find magical landscape creativity! Great collection to inspire! Thanks for sharing. :)
    Deb of DebsDetails

  2. The terrariums need crawly things to make them complete. I suggest millipedes. I have some little millipedes in various potted plants in my office. It's neat to see them scooting about on their business while I do mine.

  3. P.S. That being said . . . I LOVE the one you picked. I'd have impulse bought it, too.

  4. AWESOME! I so wish I had gone to the Market last weekend, but after I finised making an ungodly amount of coffee mugs in the studio, was tempted by a beer (or 3) with a friend. RATS! You should definitely make some, and in fact, I may just have some old glass bottles that could work quite perfectly for this (they are mainly green glass, and are OLD - used to make cider here on the farm by some of the original owners of the property. They are kinda like growlers or carboy sized). Shoot me an email if you want some.

  5. i love that rude gnome sooooooooo much!!!

  6. Eric... Millipedes! Will they crawl out of an open air terrarium and terrorize me? If not, I will consider adding them in, or at least waiting until I make a closed terrarium.

    Mermaiden... I know, that rude little gnome cracks me up everytime I see him. He would make my day if he were in a terrarium of mine.


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