13 December 2010

winter wonderRECAP

Winter Wonderlark was a success!  We had mild weather, a great location (around the corner from our apartment!) and plenty of visitors and shoppers.  This year I stayed with a warm & cozy theme and brought with me a selection of winter hats, neck cozies & of course beverage cozies.

Hats, hats, hats.

Lots of neck cozies.  Two of my new patterns sold out!

One shopper renamed the beverage cozies as "beer sweaters".  Obviously I will be changing their official name soon, because that is too awesome to pass up.

And Sinterklaas stopped by the booth, giving what I view as an official endorsement of my shop by St. Nick himself.

The Albany Trolley brought visitors up and around Lark Street.

Sister came by to keep us company and my production assistant (ha! no not really) kindly ran back to the apartment to heat up some lunch for me. Fiona was a real champ and stuck it out all day long.

Our friends even brought us some spicy hot cocoa.

And then the chaos began.  I promised you there would be Speedo-clad merrymakers.  This is the disturbing evidence.

Yep.  That happened.

Thanks to all who stopped in and said hello and shopped.  And another thanks to everyone who has been stopping by the virtual shop for holiday gifts.  I hope to have all of the new goods on Etsy by tomorrow, in time for my December 18 holiday shipping deadline (expedited shipping is available after that date, email me for rates).

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