28 January 2011

posts to inspire & cheer you up

I'm in need of some good thoughts and cheering up today. Fortunately, inspiration abounds in my Google Reader subscription. Here are three of my favorites.

  • The always-inspiring Marta wrote a lovely post about her lessons learned at the Alt Summit. Marta reminds us that life is not a competition, that balance is essential and that we should do our own thing and be proud.
  • The talented Wendy of Moop wrote this honest and insightful post about how her awesome company got to where it is today. Posts like this are why I love buying handmade and from small businesses; you can actually learn about the people and stories behind the company. 
  • And a short little post about a gal named P. who decided to make herself happy and traveled to Timbuktu. 

So there you have it, a few must-reads for this Friday. This weekend, I'm unplugging from the internet and making more time for other things. Namely, a bit of night-skiing, an overdue hair cut & homemade soup.  Next week I'll share a round-up of posts you may have missed over at my Whole Living blog, plus another recipe or two and maybe even a finished sewing project. If you've got any awesome links of inspiration and cheer, do tell!

(Photos of the park across the street, from last winter & last spring.)

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  1. Your Dad loves you, have a great weekend!


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