26 January 2011

rice & veggie bowl

This is the kind of one-bowl lunch I love. Some rice, some veggies, perfecto. Though I suppose it could use a bit of added protein, now that I look at it. I'm having a hard time remembering just what we put in this dish, but judging from the photo it seems we used bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli and red onion. Ah yes, I remember. We sauteed the onion, mushrooms and bell peppers and then added in the other veggies and steamed them for a few minutes until tender.  Then we added cooked brown rice and a few splashes of Annie's Organic Goddess Dressing. Simple dinner and an easy lunch the next day.

You don't need me to write out a recipe for things like this, do you? I absolutely will, but I don't want to insult your intelligence if you're like, "Girl please, I know how to chop vegetables and cook rice."  Just let me know if you'd like actual recipes and I'll do my best to oblige. For the record, we usually make a cup of uncooked rice, which yields about two-ish cups of cooked rice. That is generally enough for two dinners and two smaller lunch servings, with all of the veggies and extras.

I'll keep the lunch ideas coming. Once I stopped eating deli sandwiches and frozen meals (for the most part), you realize you actually need to think about and plan out your lunches.  Which is just onemorethingtoworryabout, but is also nice because lunch isn't just a throw-away meal anymore. We usually make enough dinner for leftovers, or sometimes will cook up a batch of something just for lunch, if we're feeling ambitious. A salad or pb&j will do the trick in a pinch too.

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  1. man, i would have killed for a dish like this 30 mins ago.
    what i ended up eating was a disaster, ha

    great recipes, keep them coming!



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