24 February 2011

room inspiration: an education

I was watching An Education this week on Netflix and I remembered how much I loved this room when I first saw the movie. This scene was filmed in the apartment of a high school English teacher, and I love it. I've noticed a theme throughout most of my "dream home" photos: mismatched furniture, exposed storage (ie, pretty Pyrex dishes stacked on an open shelf), cozy lived-in vibe, threadbare rugs, etc. Just a natural, organic design style that evolves over time with tiny, meaningful additions.

I like that sort of style because it's so attainable. Most of our things are mismatched because they've been scavenged. We have lots hand-me-downs, some one-of-a-kind handmade items, some vintage, and a whole lot of creative repurposing.  What used to feel scattered now feels like an actual style. It's a slow method of decorating and nesting, but I think it's worked for us. Every now and again I tear through the apartment, wishing we had more matching pieces or that our microwave and toaster oven weren't stacked on top of each other, sitting on a red plastic crate below our counter. But then I see rooms like this one from An Education, or any of the number of photos I've clipped to my tumblr page and I fall in love with that mismatched, scattered look all over again.

A quick plug, if I may: those of you decorating, furnishing, renovating or building homes might want to keep Habitat for Humanity's ReStore in mind next time you need materials. ReStores are home improvement resale stores that carry building materials, appliances, furniture, decor, paint, tools and more depending on the particular location. You can get awesome deals there and the proceeds go towards building decent, affordable homes in your community. Plus, all that stuff is being saved from the landfill-- so if you are redoing your space, think about donating old stuff (cabinets, washer/dryers, light fixtures, etc.) to the ReStore before tossing it in the trash.  Local readers can check out ours right here, and other folk can find the one closest to you by heading over here.


  1. I've always loved your decorating style! It's so eco friendly, warm, and beautiful. You've done wonders with repurposed componets and materials.

  2. Love the room as well..every piece has character,each beautiful in their own way,but when put together,harmony.Warmest Regards,Cat

  3. hi christine! found your blog through The Kind Life site and really loving it! xx

  4. How funny, I was just trying to remember the name of that movie while looking into your blog and BOOM! You just gave me the answer and some cool ideas to deal with my kitchen:)

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