03 February 2011

whole living action plan round-up

The Whole Living Action Plan 28-Day Challenge has officially drawn to a close. We detoxed our bodies, ramped up fitness and tried to chill out a bit. Here's a round-up of my Whole Living posts that you might have missed.

Yes, this smoothie has kale & parsley in it.

action plan prep

Planning ahead, geek-style.

week 1, pare down & purify

Homemade quinoa crackers.

week 2, lay a wholesome foundation

We had an awesome conversation about food choices and lifestyles.

weeks 3 & 4, gain momentum & kick-start a new you

* Most popular posts. 

So that's it! Are you making any progress on your New Years Resolutions? Looking back on my own, I realize that I need to pare it down. I'm such an obsessive list maker that I always end up overwhelmed and defeated. So this year, I'm going to slow it all down and pick just one goal each month. Slow and steady.


    1. Yummm. Green is our favorite color!

    2. Those crackers look great!

    3. The crackers were awesome. And they were actually super easy to make, aside from the rolling of sticky dough on a tiny counter space. I'll post more about them sometime soon.

    4. You made those crackers? You are so inventive!! And they look so yummy :)


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